Investor relations is not the only advisor that a company will need. Together these advisors mesh together to provide the support and advice that allows management to concentrate on running the business.


  • A financial PR company's strength often lies in the strong relationships with journalists, in understanding the pressures and timetables of the media and preparing rapid responses. The financial PR company will generally not have the in depth knowledge of your company that your investor relations advisor will, but will still be able to arrange analyst meetings, AGMs, and manage the press release process.
  • A corporate broker has traditionally been the principal market maker of the company's shares, as well as handling equity raising activities and performing shareholder analysis. Full service models will include M&A advice and the writing of equity research on the company for dissemination to institutional investor clients.
  • A registrar keeps the company's register of members, handles shareholder's queries and dividend payments and manages corporate actions.
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